Absolutely Love This!!!

I love this print, I had to frame it! It looks stunning in my bathroom!!!



"My work is a display of photographs and contemporary art of nature and humanity with an array of colors and heartfelt imagery that comes from thoughts, desires, expressed emotions and experiences of places traveled. My passion in life is to create art and express it through fashion and interior décor. I believe that it connects us on a universal level. Its is my desire in each piece to tell a story about the places I've been to, the people I've met and all the experiences of the joy and happiness in life. Art has the ability to evoke emotion, thought and purpose. It's what drives us to be creative and forces us to make dreams become a reality.

-Denise Daye

Light It Up!

Let your room shine! Find a stylish shade that you will love!


Decorative Lamps

Lightweight material. Thin, flexible and resilient 210μ polyester film coated on one side with a matte finish. Can be placed on any surface or used as a hanging lamp.

Shower Curtains & Bath Mats

These beautiful bathroom accessories gives a off a "WOW" factor, creating a personalized environment.

Wall Clock

With the hands of time, this clock features a pre-installed backside hook, a plexiglass face, and a silent clock mechanism. For indoor use only.

Faux Suede Square Pillow

100% Faux suede cover, 100% Polyester pillow included. Concealed zipper with a double-sided print.

Art Prints

Eco-friendly material, 0.6" (15mm) thick plywood. Embedded mounting points, added hardware and mounting template with instructions makes it easy for anyone to install.

Rug Quality

100% polyester woven front side, 100% polyester non-woven back side. Strong and durable woven micro-fiber fabric. The backside is non-woven polyester with PVC dots to create an anti-slip finish.

Window Curtains

This extremely strong and durable. 100% polyester. Retains its shape and dries quickly. Beautiful accent in any room.

It Makes A Statement!!!

"Every time I enter into my bathroom, I'm so amazed of how lucky I am to have purchased this piece. AMAZING!!!"