"My artwork is inspired by the beauty of nature and the soul of humanity with an array of colors and heartfelt imagery that comes from thoughts, desires, expressed emotions and experiences of places traveled. My passion in life is to create art and express it through the arts. I believe that it connects us on a universal level. Its is my desire in each piece to tell a story about the places I've been to, the people I've met and all the experiences of the tears, joy, harsh times and the mellow moments in life. Art has the ability to evoke emotion, thought and purpose. It's what drives us to be creative and forces us to make dreams become a reality".

-Denise Daye

Mixed Media on Canvas

Blue Mist

This painting was inspired by a trip to Greece and is an abstract representation of the sky and shades of blue in the sea.

Mixed Media on Canvas

Rustic Melody

This painting is an expression of Jamaica in an abstract form which shows the vibrancy and the richness of its natural resources, its culture, and its history with the use of colors, texture, and imagery.

Mixed Media on Canvas

The Blue Eye

This painting is a combination of humanity of nature in one. It represents the eye being the window to the soul. Nature is a reflection of who we are.

Mixed Media on Canvas

Two Trees

This piece symbolizes the warmth and comfort of being in nature with all the elements of the seasons.

Mixed Media on Canvas

Golden Mixture

The vibrancy of this golden mixture is a representation of abundance and expansion. As the different shades of gold are splashed and blended in with an element of fire from the energy of the sun rays, it is a reflection of our soul's desire to be golden, just like the sun.

Mixed Media on Canvas

The Pathway

This painting represents a sense of enlightenment to a greater awareness of consciousness and that inner sense of knowing is what keeps us connected and in harmony.

Mixed Media on Canvas

Imprints of The Sun

As the sun settles and the day is about to turn to dusk, the remnants of the sun has left footprints throughout. Thus giving the earth its nourishment to enrich the land.

Mixed Media on Canvas

The Red Moon

The red moon symbolizes the need to focus on the shadow aspect of our true selves that we often deny and shut down. It is the essence of the part of us that we keep hidden.