The universe is our friend and our partner. It’s a part of us. It’s inside of us. It’s all around us and it’s what connects us to the world all at the same time and as we journey through life, we can see that life gets messy, and sometimes we find ourselves in that mess. The beautiful thing about it is being able to draw forth the wisdom that is needed to integrate into our evolution, the understanding to heal ourselves from it and the knowledge that keeps us learning and growing and this is why it’s so important to remember to stay in the state of flow of it all. 

Being in a state of allowing so essential to our daily lives because it allows us to manifest the dreams we have and to see it come to fruition. If we start to realize that there is something or a situation that we don’t want anymore, we must learn to pivot and focus on what we do want. When we start to envision all that we want and feel the joy and the love of whatever it is that we want, claim it and know that it’s yours within your mind’s eye. Allow our third eye project it into our imagination as though it is a movie screen that will cultivate the ideals of that dream. It is in that moment that we can enjoy and marvel in the beauty of that feeling and resonate with it and that is when our vibration is heightened, and if we can maintain that frequency of hitting that higher vibration continuously. We will then get past the belief of it coming into our 3D existence to transitioning into that state of knowing that anything is possible. It’s okay to not always be too specific of what it is that we want, but if we can just be our natural selves and get use to being in the state of flow, feeling good about ourselves, then the universe will fill in all of the necessary details to make it even better than what we had ever imagined. 

We got to be open & honest with ourselves. Check in to see how are you doing, how do you really feel and if we don’t feel good, we should get into some positive exercises that will help us to get back on track (ie. journaling, meditating, yoga, spending some time in nature, etc.) We should be gentle with ourselves and have have some grace and compassion for what we’re going through. Gratitude is key, so be thankful for all the blessings received. Stop living in past regrets and stop worrying about the future of tomorrow. Live in the present moment and get excited about it because that’s where our gift is. When we get into the state of allowing it in and embrace it, then all of our heart’s desires we will continue to flow to us.

Let our hearts be in sync with our mind and once that has been achieved take inspired action to achieve anything we put our hearts and mind into. Stay in alignment with our purpose, that which is beautiful and lovely, healthy and abundant.