With all that is happening in the world, from the advancement of AI to the unpredictable health of the economy, it's no wonder why we are feeling so much pressure to stay afloat. So amongst all the questions and concerns that we are being faced with, we then begin to question,

"What should we do next to survive and be happy?" 

There is no one right answer, as living our best lives is not going to be the same recipe for everyone but I truly believe that we are here on earth to uncover the mysteries of what lies within and beyond and it is for us to challenges ourselves to become the greatest version of ourselves as we continue to immerse ourselves in all that we do or don't do with the intention to evolve and expand our awareness into all that we were destined to become while staying present and connected to All That Is - Source. 

I know that this may seem like a daunting task and you may start to wonder,

"How can we do all of this? Is this truly going to work???"

The truth is, is that many of us have lost that connection with our Inner Knowingness, our True Spirit. The one that has been with you all along. What has helped me along my journey are some of the most simplest things in life that we can do for ourselves to re-connect and tap within.

  • pray & mediate 
  • believe in your dreams
  • practise yoga
  • drink water
  • go for a walk 
  • spend some time in nature
  • eat more fruits & veggies
  • get plenty of rest
  • grab a gratitude journal and start writing
  • read
  • try out a nice epsom salt bath
  • light candles, burn incense or essential oils
  • spend time with love ones 
  • do nothing and just reflect on how far you've come in life 

The list is endless! I know that this may all seem so simple and you may wonder if it would be enough but I believe that once you start to do the things that feel good for you and you try to see the positive aspects in life and understand that it is okay to be gentle with yourself and others around you. In due time your life begins to shift into a more meaningful and positive way with a sense of richness & uplifting experiences that will help you to heal and transform. You will start to notice miracles happen in your life that you never thought was possible. This in tern will naturally allow us surrender to what is, go with the flow while letting go of all the things that no longer serve us and connect us back to our higher power. You will begin to embrace that joy that comes from within and that is when you'll know that you are beginning to trust and love yourself unconditionally and your Divine Superpower will guide your steps along the way.  

I'm wishing you lots of love and light.