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The other day, I just so happened to have stumbled upon a video clip from a well-known inspirational speaker named Iyanla Vanzant and she suggested that for 40 days we should write a list of the qualities we possess within as a form of affirmations and so I decided to take her up on that challenge and so far, here are some of the words I came up with about myself...
1. I am creative
2. I am artsy
3. I am intelligent
4. I am kind
5. I am wise
6. I am grateful
7. I am courage
8. I am eager
9. I am determination
10. I am blessed
11. I am inspiration
12. I am passion
13. I am soul
14. I am purpose
15. I am drive
16. I am commitment
17. I am cool
18. I am amazing
19. I am wonderful
20. I am strong
21. I am confident
22. I am heart
23. I am love
24. I am peace
25. I am innovation
26. I am complete
27. I am fulfilled
28. I am unique
29. I am spirit
30. I am present
31. I am desire
32. I am beautiful
33. I am life
34. I am calm
35. I am mindful
36. I am compassion
37. I am talent
38. I am ambition
39. I am winner
40. I am one
Mind you, I don't always feel like some of these things that I've described about myself as being but I figured if I give it a try, who knows what can happen in the near future...
I encourage you to give it try and see what might be in store for you too!

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