I truly believe that this can be our best year yet!


With all the chaos in the world, it is important to re-connect with our Inner Self and resonate with that positive vibration within so that this powerful force can bring about change and promote healing as we raise ourselves to a higher state of being but It all starts with forgiveness.


Forgive others and most of all forgive yourself. Let go of past resentments and wish others well. I think that a lot of conflict arise out of misunderstandings. We might not always understand why certain things happen or even how it all began, but all I know is that once we continue to let go of all the things that bothers us and start to focus on the present moment, we begin to awaken ourselves from our habitual thinking and learn to live again in love, peace & harmony.


It can be difficult at times to stay present, especially when we are so used to letting our thoughts take over but if you can do something that you enjoy, whether it be walking or taking up a hobby or doing some volunteer work, I believe that the effects can be rewarding and soon enough if you make it a daily routine to commit yourself to doing something that you love or enjoy that resonates within, you will feel so much better and you will start to see all the beautiful things that live has to offer. Get ready because blessings are on the way!