What would you do if you found out that nothing is what it seems? 

What if it was possible to change our reality, to see life with a new perspective? 

Can we alter the way we see things? 

Is it possible to change the way we feel about our circumstances or situations?

Are we even aware of what is truly going on? 

This blog will briefly explore abstract concepts or ideas of how art can be a reflection of our thoughts, our emotions, and our actions and how our dreams and imaginations can be our perceptions of reality in art form. We will also briefly explore how beauty and flaws are intertwined, as well as the obstacles and triumphs in life. All of which give rise to the ideals and values we uphold giving us the ability to influence, to persuade, to transform, and make a huge impact on society.  


Talented Artist 

Evan Penny, a painter from New York, created a series of portraits with the intention of making the viewer question their own reality. The paintings are not about perfection and instead about flaws. They are about the obstacles that people have to overcome and the triumph in overcoming them. Penny’s work is not perfect but it has its own beauty in that it reflects our reality back to us.

Link - Evan Penny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TstdKdpORLg


Is It Just A Dream or Is It Heaven on Earth?

One day a man arrives at the gates of heaven and to his surprise, the gate is unlocked. As he walks through the garden, he hears soothing sounds of meditation, waterfalls, and people practicing yoga. The angels are caring for trees and flowers while they sing softly as they work.

The sounds and smells of nature calm his nerves. He walks into a white building. In the middle of it is a beautiful garden with people meditating, sitting on chairs with water fountains in front of them, and as he walks around in circles listening to live music, or doing yoga in groups.

He then looks through a window and sees the most beautiful sunset he has ever seen. It is perfectly colored with oranges and purples filling the sky. He goes into a room which is filled with windows that overlooks a mountain landscape that's full of greens and yellows that touches his eyes as he stands there admiring it for some time. He then discovers that there are so many different ways to practice peace.


The Secrets Of A Protagonist - A Behind The Scenes Look

The protagonist tells us that there comes a time in life where we have reached a point where we need to reevaluate how we are living and what we are doing. To do this, we may decide to take up some new activities to help us meditate, relax, and get in touch with ourselves again. The protagonist notes the following: 

- Everyone needs to take time to meditate, relax, and do yoga

- Water is the best medicine

- Walking is the best way to clear the mind

- Look within and find your inner strength 

- Dream big and have a positive outlook on life

- The power lies within you to do anything you want to do for yourself

- We all have inner beauty, be kind to yourself and love yourself

- Beauty is everywhere, from the inside out

- Look at people differently each day and see their beauty in what they are wearing or that they say/do etc. 

- Love every moment of life and you will see how quickly life will become more gratifying and fulfilling and will inspire you in a BIG way.

The protagonist begins by incorporating these activities such as taking walks on the beach, doing yoga, going for a swim, or doing some light reading and by doing these activities brings peace and happiness. But yet the protagonist is still lacking something. The protagonist looks within and finds that the key to their happiness is power. They start recognizing the power within themselves and learns to be kinder to themselves and conquers their challenge. 


As an Artist, we are constantly thinking, feeling, and doing things to challenge our minds and create something new. The essence of our drive that is being expressed  is in its process of creation. The magic poured onto canvases, carved into sculptures, digitally embedded on screen, creatively written in story form is the effects of our imagination running wild and free and the lessons we’ve learned from our experiences along the way. Our ability to use ideas and articulate them into art form is coming from that power within which then allow us to turn our dreams into a reality.